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Clowning around

I had fun walking and playing around in the Watonga Cheese Parade with the alley, I played with my new crystal stix got a few ticks down, now to learn more.
ballooned with the alley downtown for the birth choice walk relearned how to make the guitar.

Decided that I need to come up with a street character for the faires when I am not with the AoA doing stuff. Going to look at costumes at Norman faire to get a few Ideas, Already looked at some online.

They have some really nice swords on this website:

But they are sharp, I could have one made blunted for stage combat 
but really I think I'll start out with a little lower end sword.

Soon It will be time for Rehearsals and see what people get which parts, how many people escape the stew, and how many in up in the big pan. >.<
Bound to be fun for all. But all reguardless will have something to do.

Yours in wondering


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