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self rant
how to become more out going>?
why every time I think about calling some one I think I probably just be bothering them.
should do my page paper so I can go up a Class lvl or two.
been a page for about 6 years if you meld my two/ three years exp go in  the AoA.
ranting about how I sould be more out going and start enjoy life a day at a time.
I dropped out of purpose institute guess im just not made for school.
I mean im good at things I get really Focused on like when I first became a page trying to learn how to help out any where and when I learned clowning balloons and uni cycling.
I was so focused
How do I get that focused again I really need to get re focused.
I am like 30 and i am still floating though life.
If I get fit. I can do a lot more.even more so If I make goals for myself and hold myself accountable

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Just keep trying. Stand up strait and you'll accomplish more then you think. Act confident and you will become confident!

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