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Wow Have not been on LJ in quite a while, However as more time is demanded of me and not liking having 510 friends of which I know maybe 1/12 of personally just so I can play a click it game that is some what habit forming though it was fun when I started.
But anyhow I have started taking a 30 min nap when I get home it great improves my day also not reading in bed right before sleep time helps.

Hobby list:
basic Uni cycling  -  Skating  -  Juggling  - rock climbing  - Learning the I Phone -  Balloon twisting  - Reading  -  Medieval stuff - Choreograph fight  -  Leather working  -  singing  -  half hearted attempts at the guitar - Archery  -  Learning about horses  O and slow hat collecting
                                                                       Going to try to give the guitar 30 mins a day

Going to Okc Purpose institute

Coming up with a plan for :
3-4 times a week workout,
working at one of my many hobbies,
doing homework
Doing fun physical actives

Picking out 2 semi- cheap vacations for this year though 8 month of next year

Paying off medical bills and the big credit dept.

That's where I'm at for now.

Live life with love and have at least A small piece of peace!



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